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Surface Cleaning in Panama City, FL

Surface cleaning in panama city fl

Panhandle Pressure Washing LLC took on this surface cleaning project in Panama City, FL in regards from a request to be cleaned and sanitized by killing the mold and organic material that was growing spreading along the sidewalks and surfaces causing the walkways to appear black, slippery and hazardous to foot traffic of the public. We used our method of our safe, environment friendly detergents and solutions to not only clean the surfaces but to disinfect and kill the mold and mildew growing and spreading throughout the concrete. This will prolong the life of the concrete and keep the organic material from growing back as fast in between cleanings. The customer was happy and Panhandle Pressure Washing LLC was honored to be the solution to another happy customer!

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Client Review

First of all, Panhandle Pressure Washing was an amazing company to work with and would highly recommend them to anyone looking. They were able to come out on the time I had available to look at my property and give me an estimate. They were thorough the entire process and the advantages of upkeep with my property. They got me on the schedule right away and were on time and finished thorough and quickly. My sidewalks had so much buildup with grime and algae, they almost looked black. To say it looks like I had all new concrete poured is an understatement. They left my property better than the day I bought it.

Lilly P.
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